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El Segundo

Recent Entries

6/21/11 09:29 pm - Hearts drop

 Watching your <3 limp through the front door in tears is fucking heartbreaking. 

Dear Owner of the mysterious black car, the dick who hits people on bikes and then drives away, I hope that justice descends from the heavens and smites you from fucking anus to ear canal.

And to everyone who drives, please be wary of cyclists. Every person on a bike is someone another person loves. 

6/7/11 10:31 am - My life

I'm in love, and I have a hangover

6/2/09 05:54 pm - Dear Diary

I've had an epic few weeks. Sunning myself, drinking my face off, kissing boys and listening to beautiful music!

I've also decided that I'm going to go back to school, it FINALLY feels like time.

My cat is still an adorable asshole : )

2/27/09 10:53 am - I have Bells Palsy

Bell's palsy is a paralysis of cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) resulting in inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Several conditions can cause a facial paralysis- Wikipedia

I cant move the left side of my mouth or my eyebrows. It's going to be stuck like this for at least a week. It's strange to smile and see only half of your face move.

Thank heavans I was hot to start with, this just brings my average down to cute


9/8/08 03:34 pm - I really have to poop

...but I'm too embarrassed to do it at work. I don't want to be the new girl who stinks up the bathroom.

Office politics

3/9/08 08:52 pm

i suck

1/21/08 04:37 pm - Birthday weekend has ended

Kicked out of the local, "No Scrubs" at Chinese restaurant/karaoke bar, hangover like it's hungover

Worth it

And remember when I said the Giants were going to the Superbowl at the beginning of the season? Never doubt my sporting acumen again!

11/25/07 05:16 pm

 I can't find my nail-clippers and that has made picking my nose,with these jagged hooker-talons of mine, a rather treacherous pass-time.

4/25/06 07:01 pm

Cried over a Moro bar wrapper today...terrible

4/24/06 12:55 pm - Day 24

The only thing I can say in defense of a hangover is that it's a good reason not to do anything all day besides sit in the sun drinking iced-tea.

Last night I dreamt someone sang me to sleep. I was sleeping in my sleep. Don't know how I ever managed to wake up.
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